Bitrock Wallet Token


What is BRW ?

Bitrock Wallet Token (BRW) is a utility token that will be used to incentivize all Bitrock Wallet users. The token is available in Bitrock Blockchain

What are the use cases of (BRW)?

  • BRW is a governance token that will be used by anyone who wants to take part in making decisions for adding new blockchain support, tokens and product features. Holding BRW will allow anyone to participate in the Bitrock Wallet Governance Portal.

  • BRW can be used as payment for submitting Listing Assets Request to the Bitrock Wallet Defaults Asset List Paying with BRW is the preferred token as it is the cheaper option.

  • BRW Token Holders will be able to earn revenue generated by the Bitrock Wallet daily through Staking .

  • Affiliate and bounty rewards that will help in further distribution of BRW to more users.

  • Enjoy Weekly Airdrops , Exclusive NFT Drops as Bitrock Wallet Token strong supporter.

How Will (BRW) be Distributed?

  • Presale Event on Gempad Launchpad.

  • Referral campaigns.

  • Earn by taking quizzes.

  • Doing tasks within the app like staking & trading.

Where can I get BRW?

  • First you will be able to get BRW through our upcoming presale event that will be hosted on Gempad. (At discount market price)

  • Rockswap will list BRW Token after presale event concluded and you can Buy it from there to at slight high price then that of the presale.

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