WalletConnect Mobile Linking with Bitrock Wallet (Coming Soon)


WalletConnect for Mobile?

WalletConnect now supports mobile linking with Bitrock Wallet. This allows anyone to interact with DApps that support WalletConnect without needing another device.

Once your favorite DApp has enabled this update you can easily connect to it. All you need is your Bitrock Wallet app and a mobile browser.

Also, the Bitrock Wallet development team has made great progress in adding multi-session support for WalletConnect. Once your device is connected, the session will remain active.

Connecting your Wallet

Open the DApp site on your mobile Bitrock browser. Just make sure you are typing the correct URL to access the DApp.

Tap on Connect Wallet. On the “Connect to a wallet prompt”, select WalletConnect.

Just go back to the browser and proceed as you normally would.

Note: Use WalletConnect on a Desktop Computer by using this guide.

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